Social TV

I’m in Manhattan and my wife and daughter are in Boston. For a couple of months we’ll be seeing each other on weekends. In the meantime, she called me last night and asked what I was doing. I was doing some web-trawling for a project I’m working on, so this is what I told her I was doing. But I was watching TV at the same time. She heard the noise at the background and asked what I was watching. I told her that I was watching “Bobby Fischer Against the World” on HBO. She exploded with laughter: “I’m watching it, too!!!” And today Adweek has an article precisely on what my wife and I need to get, namely “second screen apps.”

If Internet challenged TV’s dominance as the chief channel of content sharing between companies and consumers and created the schizophrenia of watching TV with a laptop on your lap, social media promises to restore the unity of consumer experience by sharing the news of whatever you are watching. Not just of whatever interferes with your watching. Bobby Fischer would’ve liked it, too.

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