1. Good day!
    I´m writing my dissertation (PhD. thesis) on the Charles University Prague about possible morphologic typology of kinship terminologies. My biggest problem is to find complete lists of kinship terms for each language (for a statistic report, I need a minimum of 50 languages). Could you advise me, please, where to find some complete kinship trees?
    Most of articles contains only a section, not a complete list…

    With best regards

    E. Pospisilova

  2. Hello, i am a cardiovascular surgeon in southern Georgia. I started a thread on about.comarcheology about 8 months ago because of Levallois cores and tools i found here in Ga. You may be aware of Dr. Barbara’ Purdy’s finds at the CCA site in N. central Fla. she deccribed Levallois lithics from pre-clovis levels there,but the artifacts were chert, and the bulbs of percussion and other marks of manufacture were heavily weathered and degraded, thermoluminescence and patination studies both confirmed dates of 26-28 thousand years. The tools and cores i have show Levallois-leptolithic tools and cores are present here, and they are coral, which is agate, and the tool marks and mode of manufacture are pristine. Like your OOAm theory, the presence of these tools here in the deep south flies in the face of the popular dogma of the settling of the America’s. I also have animal and human effigies which reflect the animism of early upper paleolithic art from the same site. If you are interested email me and i will send photo’s. Sincerely, Mark A Corbitt M.D.

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